Another Pathway is Possible

No Human Being is an Enemy of Another Human Being

The Holistic World Planetary Paradigm of The Spiritual UN

Caring About the Whole Planet through A Heart Centered Human Race for the Best in All The Teilhard de Chardin Visionary Track for the Earth and Humanity "Love is the affinity which links and draws together the elements of the world... Love, in fact, is the agent of universal synthesis."

Parting with War, Hate and Fear of Others  “The line separating good & evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either but right through every human heart” : Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Building a More Perfect Union  Where War is Not an Option, But a Waste of All Life Joining the Eternal Vision The Peace and Brotherhood of  All

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Join Us in The Humanities Vision

"Where there is no vision, the people perish" — Proverbs 29:18

The Humanities Vision speaks to the inner chord of all individuals.  At the same time it is uplifting and deeply meaningful to life.  In the Humanities vision there are spiritually connected visionaries who have merged with insight and then have emerged with incredible foresight—as did Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and the metaphysical philosophers and theologians who gave us ethics, moral thought and the transcendence of man in a highly evolutionary possibility.

However, in real time, in this 21st century world, there is a stark contrast of where we need to be, and the world we have. The world, since the advent of the great teachings, philosophies and timeless wisdom should exist in the over-arching Humanities vision, but instead we have the false and unwanted over-arching vision of militarism and perpetual war through the "Clash of Civilizations" ideology that is killing all life on the Planet—not simply through direct destruction of bombing, killing and invading peoples and their lands, but also through immense pollution and toxicity to the environment, and to life itself, including the destruction of human DNA through depleted uranium weapons which is also causing cancers and other debilitating diseases world-wide.

If the Planet is to survive at all, and if the Human species is to have a future with better possibilities that allows us all to grow and evolve together, then we must hold up the all inclusive vision for Humanity as the other WARLESS WAY we can all travel and tread on this Planet. The false and unwanted over-arching vision of militarism and perpetual war deprives Humanity’s higher possibilities, and which we cannot allow because literally, we do know better.

The over-arching Humanities vision is the core basis and center of another pathway for a higher and happier world, cohering the values of all our great wisdom traditions and philosophies so that we, as a better kind of Humanity, can birth them into a real world possibility where good people can coalesce and begin to assume the empowerment of our collective destiny where each and all of us matter, including the well being of the Planet in a Holistic manner where we are harming none and helping all.

In the backward steps and over all palpable devolution and nosedive America and civilization has taken since 9/11, we, in the greater picture, have now all reached a fork in the road.  We must now, individually, make a personal choice—the most important of all—adult and child, young and old—for both our individual and collective existence on this beautiful Planet:   Are we to stay on the current path of self-annihilation that we as a species are now all travelling;  or should we, ought we choose the better pathway for the Planet where we are all truly uplifted by our compassionate element that Christ put forth to us in the prime ethic and directive to “Love one another”—as simply a Human family in spiritual harmony living straight from our hearts—which would give us a whole new world and experience that is caught in the visionary insight of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin—the radical priest for his time:

“… We shall harness for God the energies of love and then, for a second time
in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire."

Isn’t it about time we had a new experience for the world?—The Humanities Vision—where we are sparking and harnessing the energies of Love in each and all of us through our highest and greatest potential.  We can come together and choose it over war, militarism and monolithic and monopoly corporatism—a cancer and a disease—that is killing and asphyxiating all Life on this beautiful Planet.  Instead, let our choice be to rebirth ourselves, through a life-renewing Genesis, and breathe free as a better kind of Humanity aligned with the wonder, beauty and naturalness of this Planet—with harm to none—as true healers indeed for everything in need.

We build it from the ground up, with equality to all, prosperity for all, and divine sovereign rights for all as God gave it to be for eternity.



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