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Military is Toxic and is Harming Nations,
 the Earth and All Life On It

It is A Way of Life on the Earth That is
 Unsustainable and for Any Life

This Should No Longer be a Reality on the Planet

The Hidden Architecture of U.S. Militarism
By Jacqueline Cabasso

The Encarta Encyclopedia describes militarism as 'advocacy of an ever-stronger military as a primary goal of society, even at the cost of other social priorities and liberties.'  And it relates militarism to chauvinism, fascism, and national socialism. As uncomfortable as it may be for many, this chilling definition accurately describes the historical trajectory and current reality of U.S. national security policy. The threatened first use of nuclear weapons remains at the heart of that policy, and at the core of StratCom’s mission.

War on Earth
by Bob Feldman

  • "The world's largest polluter, the U.S. military, generates 750,000 tons of toxic waste material annually, more than the five largest chemical companies in the U.S. combined. This pollution occurs globally as the U.S. maintains bases in dozens countries. In the U.S. there are 27,000 toxic hot spots on 8,500 military properties inside Washington's Fairchild Air Force Base is the number one producer of hazardous waste, generating over 13 million pounds of waste in 1997. Not only is the military emitting toxic material directly into the air and water, it's poisoning the land of nearby communities resulting in increased rates of cancer, kidney disease, increasing birth defects, low birth weight, and miscarriage."

    The Department of Defense Can Already Level the Globe with Bombs

    Now It's Also the World's Largest Polluter

    "In this era of 'permanent war,' the U.S. war machine bombards civilians in places like Serbia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. It also makes 'war on the Earth,' both at home and abroad. The U.S. Department of Defense is, in fact, the world's largest polluter, producing more hazardous waste per year than the five largest U.S. chemical companies combined. Washington's Fairchild Air Force Base, the number one producer of hazardous waste among domestic military bases, generated over 13 million pounds of waste in 1997 (more than the weight of the Eiffel Tower's iron structure). Oklahoma's Tinker Air Force Base, the top toxic waste emitter, released over 600,000 pounds in the same year (the same amount of water would cover an entire football field about two inches deep)."

    "Climactic Warfare"  The Important Factor Left Out of the Intergovernmental
    Panel on Climate Change
    Report that Won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize

    "Under the UNFCCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has a mandate ‘to assess scientific, technical and socioeconomic information relevant for the understanding of climate change’. This mandate includes environmental warfare. ‘Geo-engineering’ is acknowledged, but the underlying military applications are neither the object of policy analysis or scientific research in the thousands of pages of IPCC reports and supporting documents, based on the expertise and input of some 2,500 scientists, policymakers and environmentalists. ‘Climatic warfare’ potentially threatens the future of humanity, but has casually been excluded from the reports for which the IPCC received the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize."

    "Military Pollution:  The Quintessential Universal Soldier"
    by Lucinda Marshall

    "The number of health problems and environmental problems that have been reported near military installations throughout the world is truly staggering. The following are only a few of the many examples.

    The U.S. Navy is the largest polluter in the San Diego, California area, having created 100 toxic sites during the last 80 years. Environmental damage caused by the Navy includes spilling over 11,000 gallons of oil into the San Diego Bay in 1988. Fish in the Bay contain high levels of mercury and radioactive compounds that are attributable to Navy pollution of the Bay. (4)

    Near the Naval Air Station in Fallon, NV high rates of cancer and rare diseases have probably been linked to the dumping of jet fuel, radio and electronic emissions and the contamination of groundwater with radioactive materials. Fallon has the highest per capita rate of childhood leukemia in the nation. (5)

    It is important to note that the contamination of military bases is also a problem overseas where significant toxic pollution has impacted the areas near U.S. military bases in countries such as South Korea, the Philippines and Panama.

    Pollution from the manufacturing of military weapons is equally horrific. The soil near a plant that manufactured depleted uranium rounds in Colonie, New York was found to have 500 times the amount of uranium that one could normally expect to find in soil. (6)"

    Siege and Seizure in Korea
    by Cindy Sheehan

    "Traveling around the world these past months has given me an education about American history that majoring in the subject at UCLA never did. I have witnessed first hand what US imperialism and militarism can do to countries and societies. I sat with indigenous Hawaiian tribal leaders who shared their tragic stories of how US colonialism and militarism ruined their fishing waters and turned their lands into super-fund sites. I stood in solidarity with Irish peace activists who want the US military off their soil and want US transport and rendition planes to stop using Shannon Airport to land for refueling. These are just a few stories. Everywhere I go, the local populations have stories of greed, crime, corruption, pollution, etc., that all go hand in glove wherever the US military is present. Not to mention the "hot" war zones, where hundreds of civilians are murdered, maimed or displaced on a daily basis."

    Why In the World Would They Destroy Hawaii...On Purpose?

    by Cathy Garger

    "In these documents, you can read about live fire (not fake, not inert, not "dummy," but live-fire... as in yes, so-called Depleted Uranium) military maneuvers using regular ammo, bombs, missiles, and advanced directed energy weapons (DEW) (as in destroying things via lasers) around and on the Hawaiian Islands.

    After examining these documents, however, one thing's for certain. They should name the military exercises Operation Hawaiian DUMP because that is exactly what these maneuvers actually are — an apparent attempt to discover just how polluted and contaminated they can render the fragile Hawaiian Island and Pacific Ocean aquatic ecosystems by dumping both toxic and radioactive wastes quite liberally all over them."

    The Military Seems to Exist to Simply Destroy
    the Earth and This Insanity Must Stop

    Mercury Build-Up in the Seas:
    Where it Comes From and What It's Doing to the Food Chain

    "In June, 2001, the Military Toxics Project and the Environmental Health Coalition issued their report, "Defend Our Health: A People's Report to Congress," with details on the Pentagon's war against the earth.12 The list of contaminants emitted from military bases from coast to coast, from Alaska to Hawaii to Puerto Rico, includes pesticides, solvents, petroleum, lead, mercury and uranium. A 1999 report by the Pentagon's own Inspector General documents pollution at US bases in Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Greenland, Iceland, Italy, Panama, the Philippines, South Korea, Spain and Turkey.13 And since the Pentagon runs its bases as "federal reservations," they operate above the law both at home and in the host countries, where the full extent of contamination cannot be ascertained by local authorities until after a base is closed."

    Deadly Carcinogen Perchlorates in Nation's Food and Water

    Perchlorate, the explosive ingredient in solid rocket fuel, has leaked from military bases and defense and aerospace contractors' plants in at least 22 states,

    contaminating drinking water for millions of Americans.  Despite massive complaints, defense contractors such as Kerr-McGee have done little or nothing to clean

    up the pollution.

    This is Unacceptable
    It is Time For Humans to Make a War on War

    Toxic Military Sonar:  Harm to Whales and Other Marine Life

    Many of these beached whales have suffered physical trauma, including bleeding around the brain, ears and other tissues and large bubbles in their organs.

    These symptoms are akin to a severe case of "the bends" -- the illness that can kill scuba divers who surface quickly from deep water. Scientists believe that the mid-frequency sonar blasts may drive certain whales to change their dive patterns in ways their bodies cannot handle, causing debilitating and even fatal injuries.

    Stranded whales are only the most visible symptom of a problem affecting much larger numbers of marine life. Naval sonar has been shown to disrupt feeding and other vital behavior and to cause a wide range of species to panic and flee. Scientists are concerned about the cumulative effect of all of these impacts on marine animals.

    Even the Navy estimates that increased sonar training will significantly harm marine mammals more than 10 million times during the next five years off the U.S. coast alone.

    The Boundary of Madness Has Now Crossed Its Own Limit
    Military Will Be Killing Millions of Sea Animals

    Beyond Wreckless into the Criminally Insane

    Depleted Uranium Munitions

    Chemicals in the Sky

    "From the crooked timber of Humanity no straight thing can be made" Immanuel Kant, Moral Philosopher

    War Deceives


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