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 by Elmer Lane


Don't fret yo'self 'bout no bad times.


There ain't going to be no mo bad times, on account o' we got something dat's go'in to turn all dem money problems 'n fuel problems 'round. And dat's de truth.



Let me 'splain how we can fix dis country so everything comes out satisfacutal.

People got to eat and they got to heat de house and they got to run de trucks and de factories. Truth is der is plenty o food we can grow and plenty of fuel right now. Now we just got to concentrate on how we can get them things without all the extra trouble we been taken on dat we don't have to.

Now the secret o' fixin' dis economy is to stop doing all them things dat ain't doing nobody any good in the first place. Most people are doing work that don't need doin in the first place -- and dey drive ten, twenty and sometimes fifty miles a day to go to a building and do nothing that anyone needs dem to do. Some work fo de government an some work for the banks and some folk work trying to get people to buy things dey don't need - and de only reason dey do dat is to get money to buy what dey really do need.

Think o' all the fuel folks burn up doing dat. And then there ain't nuff left fuel for the farmer and dem dat build things and dem that really need to get someplace, like the fireman and de family goin on a picnic.

De only reason folks do work that don't help no body is dat someone is paying them to do it and they need the money to buy food and a house and their own fuel. And dat is de big mistake we been makin'.

What I'm saying is this. When de collapse come -- that'll be de time for everyone to open they eyes. That's when we tells em 'bout Bluebird Money.

We just tells everybody who has a job that ain't really helping nobody to stop goin' to work and save themselves a trip and a whole lot of travelin' money. We tell em if they ain't maken food, or taken care of the sick an de old, or teachin' children, or running water and power -- we tell them to take a long vacation -- while we passes out to everybody a heep o Bluebird Money so they can go right on buying food and fuel for warming and working and getting around to where they really need to go.

Bluebird Money is money that that just comes to you like a bluebird that lands on your shoulder.


Wif Bluebird Money you got what you need to buy food, 'n water, fuel to go places you really need to go to. You don't have to get on no phone and try to talk people into refinancing their house to pay the bills they owe. It's a whole lot better if people just go home and be with der childrens. If they stroll up de street and visit people who need a visit or a helpin hand. Maybe, next year everyone will have a big garden or help a neighbor put in a big garden with lots of good things to eat.

With Bluebird Money everybody's going to eat. Everybody's going to buy food. No one is going to be so hungry that they will stoop to stealing to feed themselves.

And there will be a lot of bad work that won't be needed no more.

There's just three things you have to remember to shut off before the Bluebird will land on your shoulder. You got to stop paying rent. You got to stop paying interest. And you got to stop paying taxes.

When bad times come and there ain't no money anywhere, de landowner still wants all his rent, and de money lender still wants all his money back and all that extra money he takes for hiring out the money, and de government wants even more taxes because people aren't earning enough to pay the taxes they was paying befo.

So when we fix things we got to tell the landlord to hold off on getting his rent, and tell the bank man that de contract has been changed by bad times and they are going to have to hold off on collecting on their loans. And de government is going to have to be told that taxes have to go down when the people are making less money -- in fact they have to stop all together -- as de government is the one that can make and pass out de BlueBird Money.

Now wif free Bluebird Money we know de landowner ain't go starve from not gettin' any rent. And the banker ain't go starve either. And de government surely ain't going to starve because they is goin to be getting Bluebird Money out of thin air.

And the mother and the father and all the little childrens will be at home with plenty to eat and with plenty to keep them warm and cozy.

And then we will have time to sit down and think about what we really want out of this life de Lord has given us. What we can be doing for each other -- besides spending time together as friends and good neighbors.

Once we all get together like that -- and stop doing what does nobody any good - and once we start gettin Bluebird money to pay the farmer and the gas company -- then we can branch out and get all of those magic wonderful things that some folk are so good at coming up with.

And then we won't be debt slaves no mo and we'll be a whole lot happier than we is right now.

And it right der fo' us whenevah we wants it.


So you see, everthin's really gonna be mighty satisfacutal.


E. Lane

Send non-productive-job people home from their cubicals and save gas, save their time and lives so they can be with their families and become an active force for good in their neighborhoods. That becomes possible with social credit.