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Poetry Corner

The Revival or the Death of Hope
  By Eric V. Encina, in the Philippines

We know already the real problems, the root-causes of the problems of peoples, of nations and of the world.  

Diagnosis is now completely done. Everything is already diagnosed. What we need now is medicine for cure. Further diagnosis of diseases of the world, of talks of the problems are futile.

We are already completely overwhelmed and shackled, and extremely  bombarded, by the millstone of news of nasty-muddy  things and of all evils  in this  world, of endless documents, evidences and burden of proof both printed and online that shackle and add up miseries and get us debilitated.

People focus on problems than solutions.

No more heavy reading. No more hard talks.  More information and knowledge do not solve problems but only complicate things. The more we dig up evils, the more evils inflict upon us.

We have to choose right now!  

The revival  of hope?

Or the death of hope?

Is there a way of the revival of hope for all people?

Or  is hope dying?  Is total despair coming? 

To have hope, let us get out from pride, hypocrisy, egoism, bureaucracy and arrogance. 

To have hope for all, let us get out from the darkness of sins, of wickedness, of crimes, of lies, of deceptions, of injustice, of greed, of selfishness, of avarice. 

To have hope, let us get out from the darkness of politics, of economics and of finance. 

To have hope, let us cancel all debts, and cease usury and interest in the world. 

To have hope, let us make the world resources available for all people without discrimination.  

To have hope, let there be restoration of things we have stolen from peoples and nations.  

To have hope, let there be peace in the hearts of all men. 

To have hope, all must people must have unity in diversity. 

To have hope, all must people have charity and solidarity to each other as brothers and sisters. 

To have hope, all people must forgive one another.  

To have hope, all people must repent and be good. 

The greatest self-interest is the interest for all.  

To have hope, let there be debt-free money for all people.  

To have hope,  let there be provision by right, equality and justice of financial security guaranteed to every man, woman and child in the form of “dividend” to everyone.    

To have hope, all people must acknowledge our Creator, our God, our Maker, The Author of Life and Owner of All Wealth in the Universe.

We are all nothing before God. All these things come from God.

To have hope, all must love God above all and love our neighbours.  

To have hope, we must inscribe God's laws in our hearts. 

Anyone who does agree is the agent of hope.   

Anyone who does not agree is the agent of darkness and despair. 

If all these pathways to hope are not heeded for revival by all people, hope is dying indeed. And we shall be ruled forever by despair.

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