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"I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half" Jay Gould,
 US Financier and Railroad Businessman (1836 -1892)

Capitalism vs Free Enterprise

What Builds Up the Country, the Nation and
 the People
Mom and Pop Stores and Small Businesses

Monopoly Capitalism Strangles All


For years now I have been on a one man crusade to make a few people understand that:

1. ALL capitalism is monopoly capitalism by its very nature. The never ending, built in drumbeat for constant, cut-throat competition in industry and business guarantees it.

2. More importantly, FREE ENTERPRISE is NOT a synonym of capitalism, it is CAPITALISM'S DIRECT OPPOSITE. Capitalism is designed to use capital as a means to bring all industry, all business and mainly, ALL PROFIT to larger and larger corporation headquarters (ergo fewer and fewer alike corporations as only so much "growth" can be absorbed), almost always situated in big cities. Thus capitalism drains the countryside of the necessary medium to do business as well as it steals local business by tactics such as selling at a loss until the small retailer is forced to close. Circle K, for example, did this throughout the U.S., selling gasoline and other items at a loss when they targeted new areas, which guaranteed to put every "mom & pop" store within the selected perimeter out of business. As soon as the last one closed its doors the prices shot up. This is the nature of capitalism.

Not noticed until later, if at all, by the citizens of the cities and towns affected is the fact that the medium of exchange which used to stay within the community through those local mom & pop stores now leaves the community for national or international headquarters of the capitalized chains, franchises, and malls, leaving the communities short of the means to do business other than a one time sale of plywood to board up the closed local shops. Finally the building supplier of the plywood closes shop too. This, too, is the nature of super-greedy capitalism.

ALL capitalism is MONOPOLY CAPITALISM, the unnatural dog eat dog supplanter of FREE ENTERPRISE, the natural manner of providing people necessities through business. We still occasionally hear the free enterprise terms "putting out your shingle" or "starting on a shoe string" although neither works anymore because monopoly capitalists don't want local competition so they have bought local government. Very cheaply.

If anyone puts a sign in his front yard today that he is open to do business in such and such an area he will be stopped and fined for a dozen or so broken ordinances, even in the smallest towns. His home will usually not pass "zoning" or more dozens of mandated "safety" demands. Too often we see "news" items about some preteen kids being threatened with fines and jail time for the effrontery of trying to sell some lemonade on hot days from their front yard with a makeshift stand. "Let the buyer beware" is long gone with the wind; now it is "let the buyer sue and government back him up." Everyone is a victim except the guy busting his ass trying to make a living.

As for starting on a shoe string, it can no longer happen. Competition-hating "deep pockets" corporations of billions, even trillions, of dollars will crush anyone who tries to get something local going with an income tax refund or even a lottery winning. They don't even have to consciously try. They have the means built into their regular under-cutting sales against other giant corporations. But they are rightly afraid of local competition because they know better than anyone that local, privately owned businesses are head and shoulders more efficient than a giant corporation.

These gigantic corporations are also behind all these scare tactic ordinances that come into existence. (Women are easily manipulated to be afraid of anything and they love to get elected to local positions of power these days.) Destroying competition is exactly why there are national organizations of mayors, police, councilmen, etc. for every last local, county or state elected office and tons of unelected offices. They have their regular meetings wherein the still open doors to possible success in local business are detected and the fear propaganda created as the easiest way to close them. Usually by making it too expensive for any but the big boys to comply to "safety" ordinances and/or the accompanying paperwork - most anything being brought under the term "safety" easily bought by women and brainwashed faggoty men.

FREE ENTERPRISE, which comes into existence locally from the grass roots up, not the financier down, is thus NO LONGER ALLOWED TO EXIST. Under free enterprise, local people, as individuals or partners or small companies, open local businesses and hire local people when their business requires it. The medium of exchange that flows through these businesses STAYS IN THE LOCAL COMMUNITY, to continue circulating and providing the means for everyone in the area to have a stable, productive and secure life. The result of this natural and proper manner of providing needed goods and services for right living was once called "the middle class." That class that no longer exists in the U.S.


Now I can advise you all day not to buy the cheap Chinese junk from the franchises, the chains or the malls but it will do no good. Because we are mostly already so poor we have no choice. Besides the bank credit loans at interest miscalled "money" is designed as the engine to this injustice and no real change can be accomplished until that criminality is stopped.

But it just occurred to me (the reason for this rant) that local communities are overly fond of offering giant corporations huge discounts in the way of free community services such as free utilities and tax breaks which the rest of us find ever growing burdens. This is nothing but crass insult to all those of us who are not the 10% of bankers and grossly overpaid CEOs of gigantic, international corporations. These corporations are much more able to pay for these services than those of us who will go to work in their factory for close to minimum wages while we pay the corporation's utilities and taxes.

So there is some little thing people can do, and in a local setting. We can demand that our cities, towns and other municipalities, instead of this betrayal of the local people, give these kinds of breaks to LOCAL STARTUPS OF LOCAL PEOPLE WHO WILL PROVIDE LOCAL SERVICES OR GOODS. And refuse them to competing outside greedy corporations. They always use the argument about how much money they will bring to the community but that argument is plainly a lie. The money they "bring in" flows through the corporation to its national or international headquarters, leaving only as much as they are forced to pay in wages in the local area while they have been forgiven normal costs of business which these same employees must make good. Moreover, the community becomes dependent on these jobs but corporations - and government - are notoriously capricious about jumping to the new "cheapest place."

Local business men will always be local, never jumping ship. They will also be honestly interested in the life of the local community, not as a corporate "PR" operation with no real concern about the area or its people. Why then should not local government be forced by local people to give these breaks to local business instead of some bottom-line-only driven international corporation?

Have you ever heard anyone ask such a question in your "local" Rotary or other international, masonic style, people control organization pretending to care about the locale? Ask it. Ask it in your local newspaper or any other media. Ask it at your local town hall meetings. Ask it of your neighbors and over coffee at the local cafe. Never stop asking it except when you confront your local officials directly and DEMAND IT.

Tony B.

* * *

"Wal-Mart represents the end of competition locally, not the beginning. As power consolidates at the top, those low, everyday prices don't have to be so low anymore.


"Instead of being a shot in the arm to the economy, Wal-Mart has been like a shot to the head. At the macro level, we've seen a dramatic loss of manufacturing base, as retailers like Wal-Mart globalize their sources.


"Culturally, Mr. Smiley represents the "blanding down of America", the spread of a corporate culture that destroys regional differences and turns our roadside into miles of windowless concrete walls and parking lots the size of an airport." -- Al Norman, "The Case Against Walmart"


* * *

Monopoly Capitalism is a Cancer