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Getting Back to Margaritaville


Since the aftermath of September 11, a dark cloud of distrust has appeared in the great American nation which has suddenly, it seems, turned on itself in its own perpetual conflict.  As a result, many are being harmed, and many are harmed—on both ends—as victims and victimizers at home and abroad.

It’s been ten years on now, and not a bright cloud in sight in the healing of the American nation, and the world as a subsequence.  As Rodney King, the black victim of a brutal police beating some time back said, “can we all get along.”


Often, it takes more than dialogue to heal the distrust—it takes actions.  Actions count for a lot, but rarely when they don’t work, as time tells, we have to go to a higher place—that of the light of wisdom itself.  Wisdom heals the psyche like the comfort and security of a light turned on in the dreaded darkness.  Wisdom is the light of many a great civilization—and it is at this level, we would like to introduce to you the light of America and Islam.


The light we find in America, is the same that we find in Islam.  This means the Islamic principles of Brotherhood, i.e., the Human Family are the same as the American Founding principles.  It is known that Thomas Jefferson had a copy of the Quran in his own library.  Could the American forefathers have had a clear understanding of Islam to have brought it forward into the founding principles of America herself?  We say yes, for when compared side by side, they fit perfectly.  


So, it is at this level, the light of wisdom, we endeavor to heal the psyche of a whole nation—that it return to its founding pattern of peace, brotherhood, freedom and unity in diversity—that it may, through its Constitutionally declared intent of “a more perfect union” attain “the last stage of Human perfection.”  Those were the words of  George Washington—as only a Founding Father could wish for the nation.

“Let’s all get along” then—at the highest level of healing—the light of wisdom and return the soul of America to its founding blueprint.  Let’s endeavor to turn the light back on for the “city on the hill”—for it to shine this time, with ever lasting eternal vigor, beauty and peace as it is meant to be.


We invite all Muslims and fellow Americans to share the wisdom of America and Islam—no longer as enemies, but one of the same in the delight of discovery with each other.



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