Another Pathway is Possible

No Human Being is an Enemy of Another Human Being

The Holistic World Planetary Paradigm of The Spiritual UN

Caring About the Whole Planet through A Heart Centered Human Race for the Best in All The Teilhard de Chardin Visionary Track for the Earth and Humanity "Love is the affinity which links and draws together the elements of the world... Love, in fact, is the agent of universal synthesis."

Parting with War, Hate and Fear of Others  “The line separating good & evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either but right through every human heart” : Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Building a More Perfect Union  Where War is Not an Option, But a Waste of All Life Joining the Eternal Vision The Peace and Brotherhood of  All

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 The Spiritual UN Gentle Path: A Manifesto for Earth
 People to Build Love on Light


John F. Kennedy said, "Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind."

Human Beings are Naturally, i.e. Spiritually Designed with Love,
Kindness and Goodness between One Another

Given what’s in the hearts of 9 out of 10 Human beings, the consensus on the Planet is that Humanity has decided to make the way of Love as our right interaction with each other as a Human race, rather than the tiresome and destructive spiral of un-ending violence, fear, racism, war and poverty through the world of politics.

Moving on from the Global "War on Terror" and Beginning a New Era of Peace,
Joy, Goodwill and Happiness for All on the Planet

The Islamic threat to America and the West itself has been totally dispelled in Chapters 3 and 4 of The Spiritual UN Gentle Path book, which enables us to deliver ourselves to a new plateau of our Humanity to begin the world over again—joyous, uplifted, free and One with each other and all Life as it is meant to be.

Prosper "Under God" the Working Out of Our Love on the Planet
or be Poverty-Stricken by the System of Mammon


It therefore time to say goodbye to the old way of the world and hello to the new which is presented through two clear and contrasting systems of God and Mammon—as the two great religions of Christianity and Islam have pointed us to through the teachings of Love and Justice.

At the same time, we will discover the bombshell Islam has given us to totally turn our world around and right way up, and on that basis, we are able to fulfil NATURALLY the two great Commandments of Christ’s teaching that contain the whole Law of God—LOVE—for the peaceful and joyous world we all desire.

We Haven't Lived the True Potential of this Planet and of Each Other
Until we Build The Spiritual UN

Through the right foundation, we easily transcend the artificiality of all divisiveness allowing us to simply choose the world that fulfills our Human needs and progresses our full Human potential
through the holistic parameters of lifefor everyone, everywhereregardless of religion, race, color or creed—vs the world that simply destroys every facet of life and civilization on the Planet which is a totally unacceptable, and  certainly tiresome world reality of the "same ol' same ol'."

In essence and action, and all-in-all, The Spiritual UN is about the loving all Life, not the killing of all Life. 

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